The Day When Art Came Alive

It was a chilly December morning in Ludhiana where the Delhi Public School was decked up in anticipation for the Kahaani Festival to begin. It was the first time that it was being held in this city, and the whole school was eager to experience the magic of the festival. There was a plethora of activities to watch or participate in, from Magic shows to Nagada drums workshops, from Spellbinding story sessions to sock puppet making workshops, from dance workshops to cartoon making workshops and paper craft workshops, and so much more! It was almost like a carnival where a young mind could be enthralled by all they see, learn and experience and be incredibly spoiled for choice as to what to attend. Over the two days of the Kahaani festival, there was a lightness in the air, the weather Gods were graceful showering the land with crisp sunlight, warming the winter day and making for the most pleasant weather to relish the experience even more. During the Origami workshops, it was heartening to see that so many children garnered an interest in the craft, eager to learn, and the best part the jubilant smiles when they made the last fold and saw their bird or butterfly or flower or dog or cat suddenly take form. There is a particular enthusiasm which exists when one is a child, which comprises the innocent joy of accomplishment and it makes them feel like a hero. On interaction with various other artistes taking workshops here, they also explained seeing the same feelings in the students. The Kahaani Festival brings focus to stories, which is the actual meaning of the word Kahaani, but to witness your own story here, or a new chapter, or even a new paragraph unfolding, is truly what it is all about. And the most fascinating element to it is when you see your story inter-weaving with those around you, for however brief a time, realizing that it is enriched infinitely more than it would have been otherwise. By Nalini (Origami Artiste, Kahaani Festival Ludhiana, December 5th,6th 2014)