Kahaani Christmas at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

The spirit of Kahaani awoke and came together with Christmas spirit to make for a very interesting and unique Kahaani festival held at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The festival spanned across the 4 days leading up to Christmas as well as Christmas day, 2015 itself.

We've all seen a number of interesting competitions, promotions and activities happening in a mall, but a whole festival for children including performances, workshops and fun, exciting activities seemed like a treat much beyond all had imagined. There was a certain electric excitement in the air and parents and children alike enjoyed strolling from one venue to the other to dance, or hear a story being told (with all the proper expressions and sound effects), or learn how to make a puppet out of a sock, or even watch a magic show. Many were guessing what they would be greeted with next. Adding to this was the beautiful festive spirit of Christmas, which blanketed the entire festival with its spirit of giving, sharing, togetherness and family. It was the perfect celebration which left all present with the encompassing feeling of joy.