How to be a Story-teller?

From where do writers, authors and story-tellers get their creativity, their stories? We have all wondered? From where does a story-teller’s journey begin? What inspires the story-tellers? How do they ensure that the audience and reader’s attenti...

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Journeys through Literature

'Pia? Pia? Pia!' I open my eyes, in the middle of the night, to see my mother shaking me awake, repeating my Bengali nickname. I am horizontal on the lower bed of the compartment. There isn't another person I can see awake or another sound I can h...

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Amar Chitra Kathas: Where Art Thou?

Photo Source: Amar Chitra Katha – Shantanu & Bheeshma A hot, humid summer afternoon – suffocating loo blowing, ma sleeping after giving strict instructions to not venture out, watch TV or surf internet. Imagine this in the summer of the 90...

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