Teamwork Arts‘ Kahaani Festival is here to bring together children, educators, artistes, parents and grandparents under one umbrella, to explore a world full of inspiring stories, curious creatures, and stimulating activities!

The Festival started in 2011 as a unique initiative exploring storytelling as an alternative to formal educational tools. In its seventh year, it has grown from a school-based festival to a multi-city Kahaani festival.

Dedicated and hardworking volunteers have contributed significantly in making our festivals successful. For Kahaani, we are looking for committed and enthusiastic volunteers, who are eager to understand what goes behind producing this one-of-its-kind festival.


Before applying to be a volunteer for KAHAANI, please keep in mind:

  1. Applicants must be OVER 18 years old.
  2. Working hours will be from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (tentative).
  3. Applicants should ideally be from Jaipur or have accommodation options in Jaipur.
  4. All key communication will be done via email. Applicants who fail to respond to emails/phone calls from the organisers during the selection process and training will NOT be considered.
  5. Once shortlisted, applicants will be called for an interview. A skype/telephonic interview will be conducted for the volunteers who have worked with us before on other festivals. First time applicants will be interviewed in person at our office in Sultanpur, Delhi or in Jaipur.
  6. There will be a MANDATORY 2-3 day training programme for all shortlisted applicants.
  7. We would appreciate a 10 DAY NOTICE PERIOD if a volunteer wishes to back out after selection.
  8. Volunteers selected will receive an honorarium and a certificate/letter of appreciation for their work after the event.

Departments and duties that volunteers will be allotted are listed below. These duties may change according to requirements of the event. Please read carefully.



Volunteers will be the ‘face’ of the Festival, making the first contact with our audiences as they make their way to the venue. The main responsibility will be to receive the audience and check identity cards/documents as well as register the students, schools and press separately. There will be separate registration counters allocated for audience, artistes and press. Volunteers will work alongside our ticketing and registration partners.



Volunteers at the Information Desk will be required to know-it-all but without the attitude of a know-it-all! The volunteers will need to be familiar with the venues and schedule and keep up to date with any programme changes. Volunteers will have to project a friendly and welcoming face always willing to help, including managing the Lost and Found.



The main responsibility will be to make sure all venues are ready prior to every session. Volunteers will be required to ceaselessly exercise their prowess at organising, managing the crowds and any other task that may arise. There are a number of sub-venues inside the main venue, including but not limited to Centre Stage, Storyville, Neverland, Puppet’s Cave, Exploratory, Art Hub, Food Court, etc. Volunteers in this department will need to be quick on their feet, patient and courteous.



Volunteers will receive the artistes and ensure they are prepared and at the venue for their session/workshop/performance. Being truly hospitable and warm with a genuine attitude to help will be the prime responsibility. Do remember, the volunteer is the main line of communication between Teamwork and the artiste. You will also be responsible for maintaining the atmosphere of the Artiste Lounge.



This is a crucial department for the Festival. Volunteers will be the eyes and ears of Kahaani by ensuring there is smooth coordination and interaction between the security guards and the audience attending the festival. The Security Volunteers will assist their team members and Teamwork Arts Security Head and report any suspicious or anti-social activities.



Every year at KAHAANI, we showcase our very own library and bookstore. As volunteers, keeping a check on the book inventory, helping the audience locate books, as well as manning the bookstore will be your responsibility.



Volunteers will be responsible for managing the merchandise store, which includes recording inventory and sales, setting up the store and showcasing products.



This is a great opportunity for volunteers to work alongside our digital team and hone their photography and content writing skills. Volunteers will be required to work on the ground to capture the ambience of the Festival, behind the scenes activities and key workshops/performances to generate online content for the Festival.



This department requires meticulous time keeping and organisational skills. Volunteers will be responsible for taking care of artistes’ travel itineraries and having them picked up and dropped to and from specific locations. Volunteers working in this department will need to be quick on their feet, ready to tackle any problem and of course, be courteous at all times.



Organised by Pratham books and Teamwork Arts, the Outreach Programme aims at widening the scope of the Festival by reaching out to educational institutes through reading sessions and workshops with authors with the aim of spreading the joy of books and reading among children. The Outreach programme will start 10 days before the festival. The volunteers will be required to coordinate with schools, artistes and the logistics team to ensure that everything is carried out smoothly.