Grandma tells a story

The image of a grandma surrounded by her grandchildren, listening with rapt attention to the story she weaves out is familiar to most of us. Picked from various sources these stories always had Kings, Queens, Gods, children, animals and dreams. Grandmother's tales never preached, they had well thought of endings, easy language and always entertained. Loved by all, a grandmother provides a link to the family's cultural and familial heritage and mother tongue. She knows things about the family history that no one else knows. About your parents childhood, about the day you were born, stories that unfold with love and anticipation. Stories that evoke a sense of comfort and home. A special part of these story telling sessions was her voice! It was calm, composing yet energetic and expressive. Changing according to the story being told it was always unhurried. Our first look into the art of drama! Many a times she distributed roles amongst the children. Our first brush with theatrical presentations! The long-lasting effects of these innocent tales are noticed when one is way into the journey of life. Memories of these story telling sessions stand by us at all times. Our imaginations, whetted by these tales make us feel that nothing is impossible. The warm comfort of that voice telling the tale is like a comfort blanket always. The questions we asked prepared us for the mysteries of life. The grandma lives for ever through her tales.