The universal and timeless art of storytelling is a nurturing social activity that remains relevant in our hectic times. Kahaani brings back the leisurely hours spent listening to your grandparents narrating tales from worlds real and imagined. Come by and listen to the stories that fire imaginations, transform, entertain, enrich and connect!


Dance is at the very heart of the Kahaani experience. Using the swaying of the body to the rhythm of music is one of most effective ways to tell a story and engaging with audiences. Kahaani has used Indian folk and classical dance forms, to tell tales from Indian mythology and folklore – essential ingredients… Read more »

Art Hub

Come to the Art Hub where books mingle with crafts. Indulge in your passion for stories and engage freely in art and craft activities such as doodling and origami during the festival. Enjoy a curated bookstore in association with leading publishers and authors and a specially designed retail experience of exclusive festival products for you… Read more »