How to be a Story-teller?

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From where do writers, authors and story-tellers get their creativity, their stories? We have all wondered? From where does a story-teller’s journey begin? What inspires the story-tellers? How do they ensure that the audience and reader’s attention is not lost? How do they decide what story needs to be told and the manner of telling… Read more »

Journeys through Literature

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‘Pia? Pia? Pia!’ I open my eyes, in the middle of the night, to see my mother shaking me awake, repeating my Bengali nickname. I am horizontal on the lower bed of the compartment. There isn’t another person I can see awake or another sound I can hear – the soft chugga-chugga of the train… Read more »

Amar Chitra Kathas: Where Art Thou?

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Photo Source: Amar Chitra Katha – Shantanu & Bheeshma A hot, humid summer afternoon – suffocating loo blowing, ma sleeping after giving strict instructions to not venture out, watch TV or surf internet. Imagine this in the summer of the 90s! Do you find something missing? I do. I miss getting awestruck by Lord Rama’s… Read more »