Yuveka Singh


Yuveka has worked in the development sector as an advocate for the rights of children for more than 11 years. She started her career with Praajak, a Kolkata based grassroots organisation, where she worked closely with runaway children and children living in institutional homes. Since then she has been involved in various governmental and non- governmental initiatives such as Room to Read and Magic Bus India.

In 2013 she founded a non-profit organization called ‘Darwesh Culture and Education Society’. Darwesh is a storytelling organisation that works for the advancement of culture and heritage by conducting story walks in Delhi, promotes alternative methods of teaching and learning, and trains several organisations and educators in the craft of storytelling. She is also an active member of the Delhi Storytellers’ Network.

Since the last three years Yuveka Singh from ‘Darwesh Education and Culture Society’ has been sharing stories with a varied audience from school children to teachers, travellers to corporate employees and has empowered her cohorts with the knowledge and skill in the field of storytelling.

The Darwesh society has developed a short storytelling training that covers basic storytelling skills. The aim behind designing this training is to provide teachers with relevant skills of storytelling as well as leave the teachers, educators and parents with tangible tools and activities that they can implement in the everyday situation.