Yuva Ekta Foundation

One of a kind in the country, Teamwork Arts’ Kahaani Festival showcases storytelling through its myriad forms – theatre, music, puppetry, interactive workshops, as it aims to promote learning and knowledge outside the classroom.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation has been an integral part of several outreach programs of Teamwork Festivals over the years, within the country and internationally.                            Rooted on the principles of Equity and Social Justice, the Foundation works at the intersection of Youth & Governance, and uses Theatre and Expressive Arts as tools for empowerment and transformational change.

At Kahaani Jaipur this year, the Yuva Ekta Foundation will be offering two interventions –     a story telling session as well as a performance cum paper theatre workshop, that weave social issues into the stories we share with the children.

“Stars in his Eyes” tells the story of young Moti, orphaned by a flood that swept through his village, now spends his time under the old Neem Tree, at the Railway Station parking lot. Unkempt and unlettered, Moti yearns to go to the local school but has to be content with pouring his heart out to his starry friends at night, especially his dearest friend Naintara.    As Moti tunes in more to Nature and infers the signs of an impending flood, the story takes the audience on a journey that questions true “learning” and whether knowledge necessarily comes only from books?  It recognises the right of every individual to be treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of class or color, or even literacy levels.          Underlying it all, is the urgency to take care of our planet and for a more sustainable form of living.

Paper Theatre based on Shyamal Kumar Pramanik’s short story, explores the story of Exploitation and Struggle of a poor Dalit family in a remote village in Bihar.                               Raju, Matia, Sonu are unforgettable characters who spring forth from these pages to share their gnawing hunger and degrading struggle to survive.

Using Paper Theatre, a form of Miniature Theatre dating back to the early 19th century in Europe, we will traverse through issues of Caste and Class and the wide disparity that exists between the privileged and marginalized sections of our society.  It is fascinating to see the characters come alive through the use of Paper Puppets!This would be a short performance followed by a workshop in which the students would be encouraged to make their own stories using the art form of Paper Theatre.

Expressive Arts and Storytelling are wonderful tools to inspire and empower young minds. We hope our stories would continue to reach out and connect with young audiences, making them more aware and empathetic to social Issues that are of concern to our society.