Varun Narain


Varun Narain is a Delhi based puppeteer who believes in the freedom of expression devoid of any trauma. He uses puppetry to communicate to rural, urban, young, old and differently abled audiences in India and a few other countries. Varun was the first Indian Performance Artist in Residence in Switzerland facilitated by Prohelvetia, The Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi. He has trained and studied under the Master puppeteer Neville Tranter. Varun has also worked at the Royal Tropical Theater in Amsterdam, using puppetry techniques and skills for HIV&AIDS awareness in the city of Amsterdam.

He will be performing his show, ‘Into the Box’.

Into the Box

In a puppeteer’s studio lie three boxes. These are no ordinary boxes.
One is the Noisy box, inhabited by a vociferous bunch of puppets: Baba the crazy scientist and magician who can’t seem to get any experiment right, Languid Lace the fashion model puppet, Rumi the mystic, Sheila the unemployed puppet, Mary and some others.

Then there is the other box inhabited by Bakhlavathe greedy puppet with greedy eyes and hands; he snatches and consumes anything it finds appealing. There is also a box which is sealed and hasn’t been opened in years: this is the Forbidden Box.

The protagonists of the story are two Box-less puppets: Jharan (the duster) and Katran (her rag daughter). Amidst the hustle and bustle of the day Katran discovers the story behind her father’s disappearance. She embarks on a journey where she finds herself inside the Forbidden Box: where she finds many answers that help her become a Cosmic Superhero.