Valentina Trivedi


Valentina Trivedi is a teacher, educator and storyteller. Since 2004, she has been conducting teacher training workshops in schools across India. She has worked as a senior copywriter in advertising, a scriptwriter and director for television shows and films and as the Editor-in-Chief of the Doon School alumni magazine. She has been working with other storytellers to revive the ancient Urdu art of oral storytelling, dastangoi.
At the Kahaani Festival, she has an interesting mixed bag of stories and workshops for children and adults alike.

1] A SPLASH of stories!
[6 to 9 yrs]

Glub…glub…..glub….. children will get to dive into her pool of stories and come up drenched in their enchanting spell! They will meet some quirky people, some wise animals and join them in their adventures.

2] Trickster Tales
[9 to 12 yrs]

Tricksters, though small or weak, win because of their wit. What’s more, they have fun doing so! Valentina will introduce children to these tricksters as they go about solving their BIG problems!

“My child doesn’t listen to me.”

The module explores the reasons behind the oft repeated lament of “My child just doesn’t listen!” Key takeaways of this module are:

  • Why children don’t listen?
  • What strategies and changes can adults make to ensure better listening, leading to better communication with children?

Who is it for?
Primarily for parents and teachers, this module is for every adult who wants to enhance the effectiveness of his/her communication with children.
Participants – up to 30

Duration: 1 hour