Sunaina Jain


Sunaina Jain is a contemporary dancer, movement therapy facilitator, writer and educator. She completed the International Students Dance Program from Peridance Capezio Center, New York in 2013 and Certification as a Movement Therapy Facilitator from CMTAI, Delhi associated with CID,France in 2014. She worked with The Danceworx, Delhi as a company member from 2007 to 2011.

She has been a part of many projects with esteemed choreographers. She runs a dance initiative called Art in Motion that focuses on integrating dance education with theater and movement therapy since 2013. In 2015, she directed and choreographed an hour long musical – Wicked with a Cast and Crew of 42.


At the Kahaani Festival, Sunaina will be holding the following workshops:

Lion King

Ages 4-6

The workshop will focus on the story of the Lion King. The story will be recreated through dance, dialouges and mime . Certain key ideas will direct participants to explore movement vocabulary at various points in the story line. At some point a set choreography will be taught to them as a refrain through the story.


The Forest

Ages 7-10

Description: The participants will be taken through a short warm up and ice breaking session. The Forest will begin by exploring body movement that resonate with the various elements in a forest. Once a certain movement vocabulary is established, the group will come up with common stories/fairytales that are located in forests. These stories will be incorporated through dance and movement into The Forest.



Age 11-13

Description: The participants will be taken through a short warm up and ice breaking session. Telephone will explore the journey of a telephone from its invention to the present day. It will also explore the idea of how an invention becomes a necessity, to a distraction and almost a nuisance. The participants will be given certain ideas to translate into movement and a set choreography maybe taught to them.


Body & Story

Age 14 onwards

This workshop aims at exploring storys that reside within our own physical bodies.The workshop will begin with a short warm up and ice breaking session. The group will then be divided into smaller groups and will be given some key ideas to create movement with. The participants will explore elements of contact and improvisational movement .The group will be encouraged to draw on their own experiences and stories as means to find out the hidden stories residing in the physcal body.