Shamsul is a Delhi based puppeteer and dancer who has performed in several countries around the world such as UK, USA, Taiwan, Israel, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Andora and France. He is the recipient of a prestigious International Scholarship in Puppetry from the Institute International De La Marionette Charliville, France.

He got attracted to puppetry and dance at the age of sixteen. Thereafter, he trained as a puppeteer under the renowned Dadi D. Pudumjee and Anurupa Roy; and as a modern contemporary dancer under celebrated modern dancer Astad Deboo.  He continued to expand his repertoire and took training in various classical forms of dancing such as Kathakali and Chhau. He has conducted several puppetry and dance workshops at schools and NGO’s in India. He has worked with Sesame India for 9 years as a Muppeteer in a television show for pre-schoolers called “GALLI GALLI SIM SIM”


At the Kahaani Festival, he will be enacting a classic joke ‘’A Naughty Fly’’.

About a `NAUGHTY FLY’ performance (4 to 16 years), Duration: 15 minutes

It is based on a simple incident of a man being troubled by a fly while reading his book. But the fly here is a naughty one that decides to go after the man with vengeance. The man goes crazy while trying to catch the fly and finally faints out of sheer exhaustion. The incident, a very common occurrence, has been converted in to a comic act with Shamsul’s deft artistic skills.