Rituparna Ghosh


Founder of Your Story Bag, Rituparna Ghosh isa writer, editor and storyteller practising all three forms of storytelling – written, visual and oral. Always sniffing for a good story to tell, Rituparna feels that her past life as a journalist and television producer taught her the power of good stories.
At the Kahaani Festival 2016, she will be conducting the following storytelling sessions and workshops:


Land of No Stories (Ages 8+)
In a strange world, lived a Dictator who hated stories. Bookstores shut, books were torn and libraries burnt. What happens to this land without stories? What happens to the people without books, stories and memories?

Hippo! Get out of the Water! (Ages 4+)
How do you get a Baby Hippo out of water? Would you threaten her? Or pull her out? Would you cajole or lure her? Come, help Mumma Hippo get her baby out of water…or she will catch a cold, Achchooo!

What’s in The Story Bag? (Ages 8 +)
Rituparna feels she has a story monster inside her that craves for stories every now and then! To satisfy the ever so hungry monster she keeps a nugget or two in her bag. From myth, to magic, folk lore to fantasy and fables, legends and lost stories, to trickster and funny tales, she has them all in her story bag. Join her as she pulls out some of her most delectable nuggets for you!

Topsy-Turvy Tales(Ages: 10+)
A workshop that takes out the stress out of writing; making it an unstoppable creative exercise. From writing nonsense to creating magical characters, to writing in tandem, if you don’t enjoy writing this workshop is for you!
Maximum Students: 150