Ranjan De

At age 11, Ranjan De dreamt he would grow up to be someone who would create toys and books that would blow the minds of generations of Indian children. He’s been doing just so, for the last 30 years, all over India …creating and drawing zany illustrated children’s books and innovative objects with a plethora of hands in ‘creative learn-shops’.


At the Kahaani Festival, Shamsul will be holding two workshops:

Shape Them & Eat Then

Most children are told not to play with their food. This workshop was thought up just so that kids could not only play with their food, but also eat them very soon after creating them. Come ‘shape them’ and then ‘eat them’.

Cuppet Capers

Cuppets are ‘paper cup puppets’…and children will learn to make, decorate  and create a funky menagerie of their own. They will also make stories regarding their creations .…and all this, with just one paper cup.