Ramawatar Singh

Jewellery Design

About the Facilitator:

Ramawatar Singh is a jewellery designer, who was first inspired to create jewellery while collecting seeds for farming and doing herbal gardening. Fascinated with that, he began experimenting and creating his own designs.

His work is inspired by nature, and he uses mostly seeds and paper waste, transforming even the most inconspicuous seeds into little pieces of art. The seeds used in his jewellery are collected zealously on his travels across India.

Besides designing jewellery and sharing his skills within community, Ramawtar works with `Swapathgami Walkouts, Walkon Network’ and co-organises various Swapathgami events and workshops on art & craft, self-healing, organic farming and cycle yatra.

At the Kahaani festival 2016, he will conduct workshops on: 

‘It starts with a seed’ – a workshop on designs with natural materials.

‘Apne Gahne Apne Hath’ workshop on Jewellery Design – is a unique opportunity to learn how to design your own jewellery using natural material. For this workshop, Ramawatar uses seeds, seashells, paper beads, coconut shells, wire, thread or any other materials that are available locally. Except the wire, all materials used in this workshops would be either natural or recycled.