Octave Foundation


Growing up in a decade of innumerable socio-political conflicts, the founders of the organization recognized that creative arts and performance arts transcend all boundaries by forming a language of their own. Their vision was to give people a wider exposure to cultures other than their own thus bringing in the greater inclusivity. It is not just about presenting an event, but to allow for meaningful interactions at the same time supporting dying art forms by making them accessible to all. With this belief in mind, in 2015 Octave Foundation was formed to carry forward that vision through actionable goals.



Gunjan Gupta is from Old Delhi and she loves to tell stories about the crazy experiences she has had there. She is an Educationist and also loves to paint, learn various kinds of martial arts and dance forms.

Puneet Sikka has studied Philosophy and Cinema leading to a fond enthusiasm in the performing arts. Or let’s see, was it the other way around?!  Theatre, has since, become her medium to explore this enthusiasm. Puneet has participated in innumerable workshops – in equal measure as an attendee and anchor. These workshops have given her a holistic insight into the human condition and psychology, which have led to many exciting forms of play: improvisation, readings and performance. She is now looking to wet her toes in playwriting.

Anuja Jaiman is a Delhi based actor. Originally from Dehradun, she worked as a journalist for a decade and is presently a communications and editorial freelance professional. She is pursuing theatre and exploring storytelling. In line with the vision of Wari, of which she is the co-founder, Anuja wishes to use theatre and storytelling as a conversation starter to reach people of all age groups.

Nicky Chandam is an avid chronicler of arts through her photographs and words. Originally from Manipur, now based in Delhi, she is the Founder Director of Octave Foundation which aims to connect North Eastern India with the rest of India through the medium of art and cultural exchanges. She is the founder of Wari.


Wari meaning folk tale in Manipuri is a project undertaken by Octave to further cultural understanding and heritage through popularising Manipuri stories

Mission Statement: To build platforms for cultural interactions and centres for learning that promote and preserve diverse cultural heritage, and build inclusivity and encourage peaceful interactions between India’s North Eastern states with the rest of the country.
 At the Kahaani festival, Octave Foundation will bring Manipuri folk tales to the children under Wari Project.

Houdong Lamboiba (The Monk Cat)
These are two folk tales from Manipur woven together depicting how, in the name of faith, a nomad cat claims to be a monk and fools the natives. It is a story of clever deceit, wit and the strength of the weak and the innocent over the cunning and powerful. Houdong Lamboiba means monk cat and both the stories that comprise this narrative are popular fables across Manipur.
Originally from the book Ching Tamgee Phunga Wari by Sarangthem Bormani.
Adapted in Hindustani by Nicky Chandam and Anuja: Duration 20 mins

The Birth of a Cabbage
Adapted from the comedy by Nicaraguan writer, Rubén Darío, who was the leader of the modern movement in the literature in Spanish, which flourished at the end of the 19th century.
Language: English & Hindi: Duration 10 mins

Kahani Democracy Ki
An ironical metaphor of the different kinds of government incarnate in animals. Adapted from the story ‘The Reason of Ahasuerus’ by Rubén Darío in English &Hindi: Duration 20 mins

Preeti Agarwal Mehta
A freelance creative artiste, Preeti explores different mediums like theatre, film, writing, photography and social media. She is a special needs educator and counselor by training. She works with Karm Marg, an Ngo for disadvantaged children.