David Astle


As a crossword maker in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, as well as Wordplay columnist with Spectrum, David Astle is a full-time ‘word nerd’. He is the author of Wordburger – a quick-snack guide to cryptic crosswords for kids or rookies in general – as well as the time-travelling mind-trip called Riddledom. Astle is based in Melbourne.

At the Kahaani festival, he will be conducting a workshop titled WORDBURGER

Puns, rhymes, puzzles – the Wordburger session makes the alphabet elastic, acrobatic and fantastic. Find out what a bumbershoot does? Where your lunula is hiding? And how to make an octopus laugh? Old words. Weird words. Invented words. Your words and exotic words. Anything wordy is stuffed into Wordburger. One hour of quizzes, riddles, games and pure ABC amazement.