Christian Duda


Christian Duda is an award-winning German author with many books, films and plays to his credit. He has been translated and published in 12 languages and has received literary awards in Germany, Brazil and Belgium.

He loves working and creatively interacting with children and young adults. In his interactive audio – and book-workshops, children and young adults discover spontaneity and creativity through their own stories illustrated through text and pictures.

At the Kahaani Festival, he will conduct an exclusive workshop and a storytelling session for children.

‘All his ducklings’: A Storytelling session
Ages: 7 – 10 years

He will share and talk about his picture books in details. In his talk, he will focus on the problems regarding the lost nuances of some words while translating books in the other languages.

‘Being Pig’: A Workshop
Age 7 – 10 and 11- 13

For his second workshop, he will talk about his book `Being Pig’ – a biography of a pig’s life in a little apartment in a city (a place where a pig should not live). His talk will bring forth the concept of a good biography. The second part of his workshop is highly interactive where children get to collect mismatched animals and places from around the world like ‘goldfish and desert’through a lottery system- a random selection game.The goal is to write a biography of an animal at an unlikely place that the children will get to choose themselves.