Chitra Chandrashekhar


Chitra Chandrashekhar is the creative founder of Mographies, communication designer and a design educator with about 7 years of design experience. Visual storytelling and design thinking fuel her with ideas, like Funshop. Storytelling is part of our everyday emotional and cultural experience. Why not weave it with learning, making it experiential, creative, collaborative and Fun? She also actively participates in the budding community of the Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) through collaborative efforts such as the ‘Blab-Doodle Storytelling’.

Hero Kaun? Is a short workshop that introduces participants to the concept of a Hero in stories, and encouraging them to create a visual of their own character and share it with others through a back story. Participants can work both solo or in groups.

No Ram without a Hanuman, No Batman without a Robin, No Mowgli without a Baloo…
Side Kick Kaun? Is a short workshop to learn who a side kick is and draw out a befitting character
for a hero from the story shared during the session.

Both Comic Sense and Story Mat are geared towards exploring storytelling through drawings.
Participants interpret visuals, make some of their own, make story links in unique ways and share it with everyone.