Anirudh Nair (Wide Aisle Productions)

Anirudh Nair is a theatre practitioner based in New Delhi. He completed his MA in Theatre Practice at the University of Exeter, UK, in 2008, under the guidance of Professor Phillip Zarrilli.

In 2005 he set up WIDE AISLE PRODUCTIONS (WAP), a company committed to bringing professional rigour to independent theatre practice, with heavy emphasis on actor training. Wide Aisle’s work has been focused on classical texts, Shakespeare in particular. The company continually collaborates with practitioners from the UK, combining specialized work on Shakespeare with intensive physical theatre training.


Anirudh’s session at the Kahaani Festival

SHAKESPEARE – So what the fish is all the fuss about?

Unravelling the mysteries of the bard and why the world is still so obsessed with him 400 years on. Follow Anirudh on a journey through time back to the Elizabethan age – to the turn of the seventeenth century – back to Shakespeare’s London.

What did it mean to go to the theatre 400 years ago, and how is it different, if at all, from our experience of the theatre today? If going to the theatre 400 years ago was a different experience, performing on stage must have been too! What was it like to be an actor in Shakespeare’s company? In 1999 they built a replica of Shakespeare’s 400-year- old theatre in London. It was built to help us understand and make more sense of his plays today.

According to Anirudh, Shakespeare’s plays were much like Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings – full of clues and hidden treats for the actor who knew/ knows how to spot them. He will try and unlock some of these secrets by looking at rhythm, meter and all the other tricks Shakespeare employed. Once we have the cipher, the texts, previously intimidating and unapproachable – will hopefully unfold like magic before your eyes. So, who is this for? Well, everyone really! Shakespeare lovers, nervous first timers, and simply anyone who just doesn’t get what all the fuss is about!