Aditya Roy


Aditya Roy is a writer, director, musician and martial artist. He was introduced to theatre at the age of four. His main focus has been on martial arts.

Aditya spent three years as assistant director of the musical production Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince at the Kingdom of Dreams during which time he started looking for ways to integrate martial arts with theatre through movement workshops.


At the Kahaani Festival, Aditya will be conducting a workshop where children will get to use their bodies to narrate stories.

1. Stories in Motion

It’s a workshop in which the chief tool for story telling is the human body. We will start with a basic warm-up which will aim at making the kids more comfortable with their bodies and at the same time show them new ways of approaching space and movement.

Then children will be given a of two stories, which they must perform using movements and the space around them but in pairs or as a group.

The aim of the workshop is to inspire the participants to use their entire bodies in the telling of their stories. To be fully immersed in their performance and to fully immerse their audience in the performance.

Age Group: 7-11 and 12 years and above.

2. A Traveller’s Tale: Land of the Thunder Dragon (Theatre Performance)

We live in a world of earth, wind, fire and water, but also a world rich with stories. Into the land, into the water, the trees and the rocks, we wrote them all – stories of courage and conquest, death and destruction, of love and life.

Stories to be told, stories to be sung, waiting for someone to hear them. The world is changing, but stories remain the same.

Some are lost, some are changed and updated. There are less people today who listen to the wind, who walk the path of their ancestors. The world is changing, but some stories remain eternal. This is one such story.

A man broken and running from his past, picks himself up and unites a fractured land.

Together they battle the demon and bandits that have been terrorizing the land.

Through it all he is guided by The Raven, the spirit protector of the land. It is a journey that every traveller must traverse, yet the path is not an easy one.

Age Groups: 11 and above.