Kahaani sunao!’ has a magical cadence in our memory – it is that wonderful hour when grandparents would finally retire for the day and lay bare to us a treasure trove of stories – our imagination would wander freely through a maze of tales of war and love, of demons and sorcerers, of distant countries and unheard of feats. Kahaani aims to be a throwback to those unhurried times when stories were told and looked forward to with impatience and excitement.

Taking off from the ancient oral tradition of storytelling which is how old civilizations have passed on myths, legends and values from generation to generation, Kahaani is a reinvention of the art form through the excitement of music, art, craftwork, theatre, dance and puppetry.

Children are empowered by their imagination and openness to new ideas, untainted by straightjacketed adult thoughts.
Building on the concept of learning beyond the classroom, Kahaani attempts to create -through workshops, performances and storytelling – Kahaani will create an atmosphere for children to think out of the box and experience a sense of creative freedom unshackled by routine.

Produced by Teamwork Arts, the Kahaani festival travels across India with stories and storytellers from all around the world. Beyond the conventional forms of storytelling, the festival also features artists with unique styles providing them with a platform to showcase their art.


Kahaani forArtistes

The festival, featuring talented artists with skills related to storytelling, art, theatre, music, is an excellent platform for you to display your unique abilities.


Kahaani forTeachers

Here is a unique opportunity for you to see your students in full bloom outside a classroom and imbibe exciting ways to understand the potential and leanings of those you teach.


Kahaani forParents

Calling all parents who like to imagine an “out of the box” world for your precious wards… Kahaani will enable you to become “participants” on equal ground with your children in an atmosphere which encourages thinking, taking off from the world’s oldest oral tradition of imparting thoughts through stories.


Kahaani forChildren

You can explore the an exciting world founded by stories, give vent to your sense of wonder about the world through innovative ways of story-telling, roleplay and craftwork, music and puppetry.


From Concept to Curation, And Design to Production

The arts of India are unrivalled in their depth, diversity and mystery and showcasing it to global audiences requires a deep understanding of our culture, an acute sense of relevance in programming and an unflinching attention to detail. Above all, we at Teamwork believe in love and respect for the artist. For over 25 years, Teamwork Arts has taken India to the world and brought the world to India. In countries such as Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA, Teamwork produces over 25 highly acclaimed performing arts, visual arts and literary festivals across more than 40 cities.

Teamwork Arts produces one of the world’s largest free literary gatherings, the annual Jaipur Literature Festival, the Ishara International Puppet Festival in New Delhi, the annual Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) and Festival, international festivals Shared History in South Africa, Eye on India in the United States of America, India by the Bay in Hong Kong, the Indo Africa Summit in Delhi and many more.

Teamwork Arts’ musical extravaganza, Bollywood Love Story – A Musical, continues to tour the world and has had sold out shows in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.